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each cup a symphony of memories from faraway places.

Explore the Maine Salted Maple Latte, a salute to discovery, inspired by a cozy Maine coffee shop. Or savor the Full Moon Latte, a tribute to the enchanting nights of Memphis. 

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Maine Salted Maple

Through Joe’s adventures he traveled to New England, the land of bears, moose, and maple trees. Joe visited a quaint coffee shop in Fryeburg, Maine, to discover the local flavors and recipe of a Salted Maple Latte to bring back for us all to enjoy. They found the perfect combination of Vermont Maple Syrup and a hint of Sea Salt to bring us the Fall Feeling in a cup.

Café Con Leche

Joe was exploring Colombia when he came upon a Café Con Leche.  Strong Colombian coffee, steamed half & half, and Panela sugar made for the delicious combination that Joe just had to bring back home. He sipped his Café Con Leche from a small cup, getting all the complex flavors, while overlooking the Amazon rainforest, thinking about where his next adventure will take him.

Gourmet Coffee
Regionally Inspired Flavors

Mexican Mocha

Joe discovered Mexican chocolate on his adventure to see the Myan Ruins, and took it’s distinct flavors to make the Mexican Mocha. Mexican Chocolate, known for being less sweet, and with a hint of cinnamon, combined with espresso turns out to be the perfect combination of ingredients.  The Mexican Mocha is then topped with spices of cocoa powder, cayenne, and cinnamon to create an aromatic treat!

Full Moon Latte

Joe didn’t have to travel far to discover the Full Moon Latte. He used Ugly Mug’s famous Buttermoon Coffee, and White Chocolate Flavors! The sweet caramel and roasted nut flavors of Buttermoon give this latte the distinct taste you can only find at Ramblin’ Joes!

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